Iggy Pups World

My life is great. I have people who love me, I go to fabulous parties, I have a real girlfriend named Bella as well as a toy girlfriend name Jezebel, and I live across the street from one of the largest parks in the U.S that I am lucky enough to frolic around in regularly. I created this website to provide insight into what my world is like, the places I go to, the people I adore, the fellow furry friends that inspire me and the things I love and love to thrash around in a frenzy.

Today a very sad happening occurred, which is an unfortunate launch of my site, but since it is life, which is full of great days that have sunshine, green grass and squeaky toys, as well as a wide range of challenges such as potty training, missing and worrying about your person when they disappear for a few hours and pesky squirrels, it seems appropriate to become inspired to share this traumatic event.

The morning walk started the same as any other day, sniffing my favorite bushes, barking at bicyclists, meeting fellow canine friends. A beautiful pup named Apollo stopped to sniff “hello” and at first I was alarmed to see how much this 10 month old had grown. He was now almost the size of my person! As we both became excited Apollo slipped out of his necklace. Playfully running he did not see the car in the street and was tragically hit. It was horrible to witness and too much for me to understand why such a young pup should pass so soon.

I recently heard a wonderful statement a child made in trying to understand why dogs have a shorter life…”people live long lives to learn and grow to become good people, dogs go to heaven sooner because they are naturally already good.” This young Apollo must have been quite good. Today’s lesson serves as a reminder for me to be happy, thankful, and playful every day, because every day here is like a walk in the park regardless if I get to cross the street. And when I do cross the street to play in the park, I will look both ways first.